Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Brushwork experiments

I definitely don't do enough brushwork in my art, something i need to explore more aggressively...

First stab at some Pixel art

Did this to get a free Pebble watch. i think it took me too long.


Not sure i have a better title for this at the moment.

Black Dynamite oldie

Never came around to posting this one. This was the one time i got to spend forever on a BG. A bit overworked maybe, but if this show were to ever be a feature, i think it'd head in this direction. Characters by the incredible Chase Conley.

5 Second Day!

Always a pleasure to be at Titmouse when these precious moments happen! Here are a few images! Below are from "Huff & Puff." Animated by the lovelies Allison Craig and Kat Ruzics. Additional help and special thanks to Leon Ingram and Ryan DeLuca.


Below, "Star Crossed Lovers." Animated by Allison Craig, Kat Ruzics, and written by Madison Bateman.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Design Process

Having currently spent most of my career in TV animation now, i realize these processes of developing ideas from blue sky to something finished is getting pretty rare for me. Ironically, i got to do it instructing a Prop Design class for CGMA a little while back. Even though designers in the trench tend to skip, or at least, breeze through this process, i strongly feel it's important for everyone to be able to hit design targets. It doesn't really matter how it comes together, in the end, it just needs to be cohesive and comprehensible. This series wasn't necessarily industry specific, it's simply a walk through from idea, to inspiration, exploration, rendition, and finally if someone needs to make it, orthographic. Everyone should have the ability to carry out a design from the beginning to end. I suppose if you can't, you don't really get to complain about how it was "interpreted." ;)

A few images from when i taught the Perspective.

 This perspective drawing is the final line art. A lot of this lesson involved a start to finish establishing a whole scene with the specific problem of ramp angles, basically, something you would find in a place like Seattle, or San Francisco.
 Who'da thunk the deathstar would be so damned hard to draw? As an instructor, i always put my money where my mouth is. Need to know how to intersect two spheres and too lazy to fire up Maya or Modo? here's how you do it. 6 hrs of hurting my head figuring it out.